J.Rose Associates Ltd.


Specialising in the shipping, port and logistics industries, J. Rose Associates Ltd is a leading consultant on the management of change and business improvement at both strategic thinking & project execution in large and small organisations. The prime aim is to ensure our customers’ transportation needs are met in a safe, environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner

The company was registered in 2006 and has broad experience working with senior corporate managers at strategic level worldwide. This experience is used to ensure differing client requirements are met with  credibility, that disparate ideas and people to align with critical business objectives.  Allowance is made for cultural variances to be handled in a sensitive manner.

J. Rose Associates Ltd has provided services to the following clients:

Shell Trading & Shipping Company Ltd. (STASCO), Shell Exploration & Development Company,   Inpex Corporation, Sakhalin Energy, Nigeria LNG, BMT Group Ltd., Red Sea Marine Services, Thenamaris (ship management) Inc.,   P&O Maritime Services,  Fleet Management Ltd..

The following industry authorities/bodies are referenced when establishing company standards and guidelines :

International Maritime Organisation, Oil Companies International Marine Forum, Society Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators, Marine and Coastguard Agency UK, International Chamber of Shipping, IPIECA Good Practice Guidance.


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